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Computer Repairs
PC Doctor builds custom computers and maintain all makes and models of PC systems. We are excellent at upgrading and repairing all makes as well as virus removal, malware removal and spyware removal. We are very knowledgeable with building and maintaining custom networks for home and office. We also do custom designed business applications, computer hardware/software support and sales, and risk management.



In House Technicians

We pride ourselves in our technicial abilities. Bring in your broken, damaged, or slow computer and we shall make it new again! We are highly skilled in the methods of data recovery and virus protection. Don't wait, bring your PC in for a check-up today!




Mobile Technicians

Make an appointment to bring one of our friendly, trained technicians into your home. We can troubleshoot and fix many common problems and get you up and running without having to leave your home.




Application Development

Work with PC Doctor to develop applications for your small or medium sized business. PC Doctor will assist you with the complications of program development and lead you through the stages of planning, development, testing and implementation. We can also assist in modifications of current applications depending on the development environment. Schedule a consultation to learn what PC Doctor can do for you.




Computer Lab

Our friendly staff will be delighted to help you browse the Internet, check your e-mail, facebook, twitter, or many other online activities all on our high speed network. We also print and copy any documents you need!




Computer and Accessory Sales

Computer SalesIs that old computer just not keeping up? Time for an upgrade? Check out some great deals or stop by and our staff will assist you to determine your needs and set you up right.

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