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PC Doctor is a full-service computer store specializing in services to business. We sell and service new and re-certified computers, hardware, and software. We build, configure, and optimize networks and even build custom software solutions.

PC Doctor realizes the importance of your computer system's performance and stability. Your partnership with PC Doctor provides the peace of mind a well maintained computer system offers. We have a choice of service plans designed to meet your needs. Each of these plans is summarized below, please contact us for details.




Business Fundamental Analysis

As an important first step, we'll come to your business to inventory your computer systems and provide you with an analysis of your computer equipment and your network to identify security issues, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies. This one-time visit provides you with a report that points out potential problems or maintenance issues and gives our technicians the information they need to quickly resolve any emerging issues.




Business Direct Pack: Paid-in-Advance Service and Maintenance

Business Direct offers you a customized service, tailored to the needs of your business. Our expert service technicians respond to your specific service requirements in a timely manner with the benefit of an hourly discount.

Paid in advance service:

  • Save 10% with 10 hours
  • Save 13% with 15 hours
  • Save 16% with 20 hours



Business Priority Plus Pack

Our premium service pack includes a scheduled preventative maintenance program that brings you optimization of system function and reliability, helping to avoid costly downtime and repair.

Our Priority Plus Pack includes:

  • Business Fundamentals Analysis
  • Scheduled monthly maintenance and system optimization
  • Superior priority service




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